Term of rules



Rules Of waykingtron.com

1 - The email you enter when registering is unchangeable
2 - The registration fee for using this scheme is 100 TRX.
3 - The transaction fee on waykingtron.com is 10 TRX for an amount which is less than 1000 TRX, those which is more than 1000 TRX costs an additional fee of 1% of the amount.
4 - The profit on account is 9% and after the balance sheet, the excess investment profit is paid to all investors annually.
5 - The investment is for 12 months and 100 Tron must be paid again after 12 months from the first investment .
6 - The passive income of the system is at the disposal of all investors.
7 - At each step of the withdrawal, your profit is deposited in the wallet that you define at the moment.
8 - The Minimum amount of deposit is 100 TRX
9 - The Minimum amount of withdraw is 30 TRX
10 - The net profit of the network is at least 30 TRX
11 - Your contract in this project is for two years.after 2 years you can get your fund back or resign your agreement again